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The conception of this web-site was developed by a team of Bulgarian dental practicioners. What is the idea of so called dental tourism? Well, if you think that it is too expensive to take care of your dentition in your own country, it is worth to undertake a tour somewhere around the world and combine the useful medical care for your oral health with sightseeing of many beautiful places. There are already so many destinations, that it would be impossible to describe even a little part of them; you could visit India, Hungary, China, Mexico, Croatia and much more... What we could offer to you, is to travel to Bulgaria, as our country combines many possibilities of pleasent stay with one of the most profitable prices of the dental treatment in the world. We are trying to offer to our patients the same quality of the treatment like everywhere in the most famous dental clinics around the world.    Dental Implants

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Some of our prices for different type of treatment are:

1. Tooth implant - 300 Euro

2. Implant abatment - 60 Euro

3. Metaloceramic crown - 75 Euro

4. Root chanel treatment - 25 Euro 

An old amalgame filling which is not exactly the best thing present in the patient's oral cavity

The old filling is removed and caries is completely pured

And this is the tooth after the tratment. Restored by DRM Crown material. Global dentistry? Yes, please. Just call the phone +359 32 642056 and everything you need will be done!

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